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Brow Lift Las Vegas

Life is full of laughing, frowning, smiling and living. And although you may have lived life to the fullest, you may not want your forehead telling your story. As we age, expression lines can become deep creases on the forehead, while loose, aged skin can make the eyebrows look droopy, giving you a tired look that ages you more than you’d probably like. A brow lift is the perfect solution.

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift, also called a forehead lift, brightens the face and smoothes wrinkles and creases, giving you a younger, more rested look. Brow lift surgery targets specific areas of your face that may be making you appear older or more tired:

  • Forehead: Brow lift surgery helps reduce lines and creases above the brow and below the hairline.
  • Frown lines: The surgery also helps minimize vertical wrinkles between the eyes, often called frown lines.
  • Droopy brows: A brow lift also helps eliminate hooded upper eyelids caused by a sagging brow.

Additionally brow lift surgery also does just that – lifts the brows into a position that looks brighter, more alert and more youthful.

During the actual procedure, you’ll be given either local or general anesthesia to make sure you are comfortable and pain-free. Your surgeon will place small incisions in the hairline so that any minimal scarring is covered by your hair. Once your procedure is complete, we’ll close your incisions with sutures and dress the surgical site.

Recovering From Brow Lift Surgery

To recover from brow lift surgery, your surgeon will give you specific directions on caring for your surgical site and on taking any necessary medications. Depending on your procedure, your surgeon may use a small drainage tube to help prevent fluid buildup at the surgical site by allowing. You’ll need lots of rest and TLC as you recover, but within a few weeks, you’ll look as young and beautiful as you feel!

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